How New Moon & Full Moon Impacts Us?

Across many cultures Moon is worshipped as a symbol of potent esoteric energies. Through it’s dominant phases of Full Moon and New Moon, the nature has given us an opportunity to capitalise from the potent energies of the Moon.


“The Sun see’s your body. The Moon see’s your Soul.” – Unknown

The Moon and it’s subtle beauty always attracted me as a child. Often I would be up on the rooftop gazing at the moon, comforting myself with the thought that like an old acquaintance, the moon just might be looking back at me. Little did I know that along in my spiritual journey the moon would unknowingly make its dominant presence felt as a reminder of our relationship, long established on the lonely roof-top.

With arrival of the New Moon today on 17th March 2018, the day is marked by presence of moon 1 one of the two most common lunar phenomenon, i.e. the full moon and the new moon. A time when the Moon snuggles itself in between the Sun and the Earth, the New Moon is not visible to human eye as it’s visible part faces away from Earth; giving an impression as if it has chosen to suddenly disappear from our lives. On the other hand a Full moon is when the Earth is in between the Sun and the Moon, with the visible part of the Moon shining to all its glory for star-gazers to enjoy.


A monthly astronomical phenomenon, the lunar cycle is not merely a theatrics for us to be entertained with, but it is also a path to achieving some alignment with the cosmos. Based on my personal experiences, the moon has a way of impacting us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually depending on its astronomical progression. Embedded with the divine vibrations, the Moon is a storehouse of energy for seekers of creative powers, manifestations, adaptability, and psychic prowess.

Full Moon: Why it impacts us? 

The lunar energies are at it’s peak during full moon as the gravitational pull between Earth and Moon is most intense. The Moon physically pulls things towards itself, causing a discernible impact on the movement of Pranas (e.g. blood) inside our bodies. This surge in blood flow causes a chemical and vibrational shift in our mental and emotional activities; bringing the hidden subconscious thoughts into the light of the conscious mind.

A feminine energy, the Full Moon is beneficial for gaining deeper insight and awareness of things happening within and outside of self.  A great time for creative folks to benefit from the intense flow of emotions and ideas resulting from the Full Moon.

New Moon: Why it impacts us?

On the other hand, a New Moon or Amavasya, the Moon reflects no light on Earth. The reduced gravitational pull between Earth and Moon, slows down a number of environmental and vibrational process within beings. For this reason in Hindu culture many people keep a fast during new moon to reduce strain on already slow digestive system. It is a time of introspection and calm.

The New Moon is a very raw and masculine energy. Therefore it is most suitable for people who seek to attain liberation through dissolution of Karmic bonds. In my personal experience, New Moon nights are great to dissolve any unresolved, hidden or stubborn emotional wound within self. This is a good time for integration of un-integrated emotional aspects inside a person. Suddenly the absence of light makes you revere the light ever more.

Impact of Full Moon and New Moon

To better help the readers identify and benefit from their behavioural changes as a result of lunar phases, I am enumerating a short list of common shifts that one might notice in their behaviour:

  1. Physical: Restlessness, sleeplessness, lethargy, sudden changes in body temperatures, headaches, increased heartbeat, idiopathic stomach ailments etc.
  2. Emotional and Mental: Anger bouts, irritability, sudden weeping bouts, mental confusion, hyper activity, confusion, extreme happiness etc.
  3. Spiritual: Light-headedness, feeling of floating in air, feeling intense vibrational shifts, intensified intuitive energies, more realistic interactions with higher/lower beings, etc.

Please note, the above mentioned changes are conditional on the predominance of a specific Guna within a person.

Moon Rituals

The nature has given us a wonderful opportunity twice every month, to capitalize on Moon’s energy to advance our journey for enlightenment. In order to make a better utilization of such phases, I am enlisting some easy to follow practices for the seekers:

1. Moon Bathing and Moon Gazing: Suitable during the Full Moon, seeker can moon 2simply sit under the moon light, while gazing at the Moon. One can visualize the Moon light seeping inside from their Crown Chakra and flowing all the way to your feet Chakras. The moon bath is very effective for people seeking emotional and vibrational purification.

2. Writing: In order to release and resolve any confusing emotion, the seeker write down their feelings in a journal or a piece of paper while sitting under the lunar light. Any suppressed emotion, writer’s block, new idea that hasn’t been able to surface out, will come to light through this writing ritual. One can use writing as a tool to also manifest a desire by simply writing it down on paper and burning it while praying for universal support. This activity is suitable during both New and Full Moons.

3. Dancing and singing: Dancing and singing are most handy tools for causing a positive vibrational shift within yourself. And doing so during the dominant lunar phases will help you to further increase the strength of auric body.

4. Charging Crystals: In my experience crystals like Amethyst, Pearl, Diamond and Moldavite are more suitable to be charged during Full Moon. Whereas Rudraksha, Black Agate, Obsidian and Black Tourmaline are suggested to be charged during New Moon nights. After keeping them overnight, preferably in salt water, one can wear it the next day.

5. Connecting to your Angels and Spirit Guides: Lunar phases are great to moon 3strengthen the connect with your Deities and Spirit Guides. The intensification of vibrations around the Earth reduces the vibratory gap between the seeker and higher beings to some level. However, word of caution is that one must be careful of any lower being impacting you. For this reason it is suggested that one must keep a protective stone with themselves, specially during New Moon.

6. Salt and Coffee Baths: To better manage the surge or regression of Lunar energies on self, one should take a salt water bath or coffee bath from a week leading to the lunar phase. Salt and coffee act as natural absorbent of any negative vibratory footprint that might have been left. People can also use Sage and other organic incenses to purify self and the environment.

I sincerely hope this piece of information helps you in your spiritual journey as it has been for me.

For more information or discussion, please feel free to connect with me.

Love and light!

Myth of A Simple Man: How Consumerism has complicated a simple life

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” – Confucius

Every now and then I find myself endlessly scrolling through my facebook feed, with an unfulfilled expectation of finding something to “feed” my attention with.

Every time I scroll through any of the social media platform, I feel bombPaid-Advertising-pic-300x214arded by an incessant stream of advertisements. The seemingly limited time period discounts on clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, furnishings, and what not, makes me often wonder if we have purposefully made our lives a complicated mess of pretty things?

Freshly into my marriage, I naturally understand the joy involved in setting up of a home; a new life. However, in my journey to set up my “life”, I find myself often pulled down by the un-fulfilling expectation we all have burdened ourselves with. The modern man, unfortunately, has done much to add “content” to life, but nothing to understand about the “context” of life.

While “content” does makes life easier at times, however it does not guarantee contentment. In my experience our desire for achieving contentment through various means, often takes us on two roads.

  1. One road takes a person to a place wherein he/she succumbs to a maze of desires.
  2. While the other road takes you to a simpler life; a life more thoughtful

Majority of us belong to the first category. I often like to compare this with an example of a Lab rat who has been put in a maze to find its way out of the puzzle. The scientists experimenting would put in little distractions like bits of food, to see the reaction of the rat. Most of us, like that lab-rat end up easily distracted by whatever is put in front of us, forgetting about escaping from the maze and eventually getting more and more entrapped into it.

We are no more refine in our “reactions” than an ordinary pest. Brutal as it may sound, it forces me to feel let down by myself. Such gross failure on our part to live our life devoid of value than of “price”, infatuated by extravagance than appreciative of simplicity, makes me feel devolved rather evolved.

While I am no one to judge anyone’s way of living, however, in a period of major global resource wastage and pollution, it is worth pondering if it is not our moral prerogative to live more enriching lives than rich ones. A life more refined and materially clearer.

Our ongoing battle with “Consumerism” has not only taken out the meaning from our lives but life out of our societal construct. Wasteful living has become an accepted reality of things today. While we instinctively buy things on sale for ourselves, less instinctively do we give away things. Multi-dollar companies push products with their various discount schemes and mindlessly we buy and eventually hoard onto things.

Source: Global Wealth Report 2017 by Credit Suisse  


What is interesting to know is that acquiring one product does not makes you immune to subsequent stream of desires. You would continue to want to have more as you keep getting richer. In all honesty, the painful socio-economic imbalance that we all see is not so much because the poor doesn’t wants to work; its more because the rich wants to get richer.


A recent article by Guardian published the findings of a report by Credit Suisse which found that the world’s richest 1% own 50.1% or $140 trillion of the overall global wealth. Herein, the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, holds the largest share of $104 billion, as the richest man on earth. His “Net Worth” as they say, is partly derived from the sales his company, Amazon, makes to us. Indirectly, we empty our pockets to fill his.

Not to be considered as an anti-capitalist rant on my part, this is but my concerned view of the reality of things today. And as I progress further on in my life as a home-maker, wife, sister, daughter and a mother some day, I am motivated to ask myself if life is better lived simply than proprietarily.


Simplicity is a concept often applauded in philosophical and spiritual discussions, however rarely practiced and appreciated in reality. Even if at the cross-roads of environmental deprivation, startling economic divide and illegal labour practices, we cannot learn to appreciate frugality, we are doomed as a civilization.

As consumerist way of living becomes the norm of the day, the myth of a simple man shall truly remain a myth.

This blog post is dedicated to my dear husband, a simple man in a complicated world.

How To Use A Crystal Pendulum For Balancing Chakras

Crystal pendulums significantly reduced the time I use to spend in balancing my Chakras. In this blog I share the technique that anyone can adopt to keep their subtle energy centers in balance without spending too much time.

In recent years, Chakra balancing as a healing modality has gained significant popularity among the new age group. With its origins in Tantric traditions, Chakra balancing is considered as a very powerful method to remove spiritual and physical blockages. In my blog “Imbalances of Chakras: My Experience” I have narrated my life changing personal experience with Chakra healing.

Until few months back I use to spend more than an hour a day for balancing my Chakra system through meditation or Reiki. After a couple of weeks of doing this, I started to wonder if there was a more efficient method of energy healing. It was during my classes for Angel Therapy that I came across pendulum as an efficient tool for my healing regimes. Now, it has been three months since I first started using pendulum and I feel blessed to have come across such a friendly tool of divination. In this blog I am sharing my own methodology for using Crystal Pendulum as healing tool.

What is a Pendulum?

Image Source:

A pendulum is a symmetrically conical object that hangs from a cord or a chain. Pendulums have been a common tool of divination due to its inherent nature of easily being able to pick energy fluctuations around places or people. Its ability to instantly connect to subtle energy makes it a favorite tool within the intuitive sciences. Its quick reactions towards human intuition makes it a tool best suited for people who wish to practice energy healing without spending too much time in the processes.

I use this method on weekly basis for tackling minor energy blockages. However, I take help of Angels for resolving major energy constrictions.

Why “Crystal” Pendulum?

Image Source: Ravens Crystals

Although one can use a pendulum made up of any heavy material, however I prefer the ones made of crystals. My preference for Crystal Pendulum is based on the strong healing powers of crystals. Part of the mineral kingdom since 4.6 billion years, Crystals have been used for spiritual healing since hundreds of years.

These seemingly inert pieces of rock have surprising ability to form a quick bond to connect to human intuition to offer healing and guidance. Used as a pendulum, they become a highly effective tool for healing.

Type of Crystal Pendulum

Image Source: Inkfrog

There are a number of crystal pendulums available online and in the market. While I ordered my 7 Chakra Healing Pendulum from, you may choose to buy any kind of crystal from a retailer of your choice.

It is important that while buying a crystal pendulum the chain connected to the base of the pendulum is attached to its center. I once came across a pendulum which had the chain connected a bit off from the centre and as a result the pendulum swung lopsided. This can affect the movement of energy during the healing process. So take care.

Working Principle

Crystal pendulums work through the strength of your intuition. Any kind of unresolved emotion or bias will negatively impact the natural flow of your intuition. This will be quickly picked upon by your crystal pendulum in the form of wrong movement. Therefore, it is pertinent that while using a pendulum one must balance their emotional state in order to get an accurate reading. This can be done by using any relaxing or grounding method.

Ground Yourself

In order to clear my mind, I practice a Pranayama based breathing exercise called the 4-7-8 technique. Here you take a deep inhale lasting for 4 seconds, then you hold your breath for 7 seconds, and finally release your breath on a count of 8. You may do this for 5 to 7 rounds to achieve a state of complete equanimity.

Charging your Crystal Pendulum

Image Source: wikiHow

Once you have bought your crystal pendulum, you need to first charge it and then connect with it. Crystals being sensitive to even subtlest of energy can end up depleting their strength if not reinvigorated regularly. Like Superman, negative thoughts act like kryptonite on crystals and positive thoughts act like the Sun.

A simple method to charge your crystal is to dip it in a glass with salted water for 10-15 minutes. You may choose to place the glass in the sun or under the full moon to further amplify its energy.

Another method is to keep it under the fumes of camphor or sage leaves.

Programming your Crystal Pendulum

Programming of your pendulum is pertinent in order to synchronize your vibes with that of your pendulum. There are a number of programming techniques one can easily find over the internet; however I have outlined the method I use with every pendulum and crystal that I use.

  1. Hold your crystal pendulum between the palms of your hands and bring it near your heart. Look at it with an eye of admiration, respect and love and then set an intention that you will use this pendulum for betterment of self and humanity. At this moment some people intuitively get a name for their crystal pendulum. Like my intuition decided to call my pendulum as “Gyaneshwar” i.e. the knowledgeable one.

    My Pendulum, Gyaneshwar
  2. Hold the chain of the pendulum around 3 inches above the base with your thumb and index finger. For better stability, one should rest the elbow either on other hand or an armrest.
  3. Traditionally forward swing represents “Yes” and sideways as “No”. However, intuition works relatively, therefore one should rather find out their intuitive Yes and No. I do this by simply asking, “Please give me my Yes” and it will respond to you by moving either sideways or back and forth. You should do the same with “No”. Note! You may not get an immediate response, so don’t feel disheartened and keep focusing on the pendulum, repetitively asking it for communication.
  4. Once you have identified your “yes” and “no”, you can move ahead to instruct it to move “clockwise” or “counter-clockwise”. Here you can play with it by quickly changing your instructions. This can be quiet fun for starters.

Pendulum for Balancing Chakras

Chakras are basically subtle energy centres moving in circular motion that are present across our entire body. There are primarily 7 such main Chakras, running from the base of the spine, up towards the centre of the skull. Each has its own set of colour, physical, emotional and spiritual association. A healthy Chakra flow is usually in clock-wise direction and unhealthy one is recognized by anti-clockwise flow.

Steps to Balance your Chakras

  1. Sit on a chair or on the ground. Keep your pendulum in front of your Root Chakra and ask the pendulum “Is my root chakra blocked?” If it says “yes” then instruct the pendulum to move in counter-clockwise direction for releasing the blockages. After doing it for 2-4 minutes instruct it to “stop”. And then tell the pendulum to move in clockwise direction for restoring back the healthy flow for another 2-4 minutes.
  2. Progressively move upwards till you reach crown chakra.
  3. In areas of deep blockage, the Pendulum will start moving anti-clockwise without any instructions. Allow it to happen.
  4. Incase of balanced Chakras , you may choose to simply energize the Chakra by having the pendulum swing in Clockwise direction or skip the step entirely.
  5. Once you have finished balancing all your Chakras, keep the pendulum next to your heart and thank it for the service it has provided you and safely keep it in a box or a case.

Have Fun!

For beginners in the field of holistic healing, Crystal pendulum are great eye-openers to the realm of energy healing. Their sensitivity to human intuition makes them a great tool of divination and healing. I would love to hear from all those who make use of the information presented here.

Love and light to all!

Sisyphus & Love

Hopes broken, hopes rebuilt.

It pushed it, pushed it.

Fight not, why not?

Angered at, angered with.

Silenced silence, life lived.


Sun taned, hammerred man.

Sisyphus up, sisyphus down.

Breathng in, breathing deep.

Leaping high, crossing creek.


Aspired dreams, falling sleep.

Drowing below, floating free.

Illusioned dreams, break free.

Saviour who? Love true.

Hand held, pulled through.

Knowing love, knowing you.

Cried at, loved with.

Smiled at, die with.
~ Pallavi 

My Favorite 10 Yoga Poses

My new blog is up!

This blog talks about how a general a hectic work life led me improve my health through Yoga. In this post I have enlisted my 10 favorite yoga poses.

In 2013 I got hired for my first job and thus began my life as a busy working professional. A standard 9 hours work day, with not-so-standard 3 hours commute, things had become physically demanding a little too quickly for me. Within a month of my new job, I had developed lower back pain and a stiff neck. My already injured knee too had started to take toll from all the jerky bus rides and long walks.

One fine day during the lunch break; all my colleagues started sharing their “weight gain” journey since they first started working. Under the guise of over exhaustion and time constraint, they blamed their work life as a culprit for their inappropriate BMI number.

Intently listening to my senior collegues, I felt that it was not the unfortunate weight gain but the premature onset of joint pains at 23 which was a far more troubling prospect. Most of my former colleagues complained of posture related body pains in areas like lower back, neck, shoulder and wrists. A swimmer who once trained 6 hours a day was now complaining of joint pains like a menopausal lady. I was very very concerned.

On my way back from work that day, I started getting anxious as I visualized myself with a depreciating physical health like that of my colleagues. Being a former sportsperson, I could not come to terms with this fact.

As soon as I reached home, I quickly opened my laptop and started doing research on building my body’s strength. My aim was not to lose weight but to develop my body in such a way that I could endure physical demands of my work life.

Most of my teenage years, I had received some kind of strength training from my coaches. However, this time I was looking for a form of exercise that would relax me and simultaneously build me. After a fortnight of trials with kickboxing-cardio workouts, HIIT, Tabata and other strength training exercises, I remained unsatisfied with my workout regime. There seemed a slight improvement in my muscular strength, however I continued to experience fatigue and aggravation in joint pains. Then one day it hit me that by doing intense strength training after a 12 hours long day, I was torturing my body. It was like running the engine without any oil.

It was then that I decided to include stretches as part of my daily training regime. And nothing could better imbibe joint strengthening and muscular stretches than Yoga.

I started practicing Vinayasa flows, that were fast, relaxing, and 15-20 minutes long. Even if I came back home late, I was still able to adjust a short exercise regime during the day.

Today, it has been 4 years since I began practicising Yoga. With minor ups and downs in my physical health, I continue to grow stronger than what I was 4 years ago. My once severely weak knee joint, is now able to comfortably hold a Veer Bhadra Asana for more than 1 minute.

In this blog I would like to share information on self-taught yogic poses for people with a hectic lifestyle. I hope this list of my 10 favorite go-to Asanas, will assist you in pain relief and body strengthening.

All these Asanas should be preferably practiced after Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation) or any other cardio vascular exercise.

 1. Urdhvahastotatan Asana 

  • The posture helps in mobilizing fat on side handles and side arms
  • Improves postures
  • The Asana should be maintained for 1 minute on each side


2.   Ardhacakrasna

  • Increase flexibility of spine
  • Strengthens lower back and reduces pain
  • Stretches abdominal muscles


3.  Pad Hastasna

  • Beneficial for increasing flexibility of legs and lower back
  • Tones buttocks and thighs
  • Helps in reducing abdominal fat


4. Katichakrasana

  • Relieves neck and back pains
  • Improves spine flexibility
  • Helps in removing constipation


5. Bhadrasana

  • Relieves women of menstrual cramps
  • Strengthens pelvic area including buttocks, thighs and lower back
  • Good posture for meditation


6. Ushtrasna

  • Personal favorite for strengthening of lower back region
  • Improves upper body functions by expansion of chest and abdomen area
  • Tones and strengthens thighs


7. Ardha Matsyendrasana

  • Tones and strengthens abdominal muscles
  • Stretches and energizes the spine
  • Open the shoulders, neck, and hips.
  • Improves digestion and elimination of wastes


8. Paschimottanasana

  • Highly recommended if you are going through a stressful time. Relieves stress and calms the mind
  • Improves leg and spine’s flexibility
  • Improves digestion and provides relieve from digestive disorders


9. Bhujangasan

  • Opens the chest and helps in relieving any emotional blockage
  • Eases lower back stiffness
  • Strengthens arms and shoulders


10. Shashankasana

  • Tones muscles of pelvic area
  • Provides relief from menstrual cramps
  • Provides good stretch for upper body


Image Source: Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, India

I am a martyr right!

A poem dedicated to the dark knights of our society. The ones who die so others may live even if it is at cost of being termed as traitors.

To Thee my lord to Thee. I shan’t kneel to Thee.

Broken beyond thy mending hands, carrying out these fledgling souls;

Poets, writers, thinkers & fighters.


Thou my saviour, sayeth my breathren blind.

Struck I am with pebbles, struck down the very middle.


Pealed & scathed, bruised & bashed; headed towards the scaffold.

Yonder is thy black man tall, holding thy blade; Hail my brethren all!


My forsaken God pushes me fore, as ripped souls I carry along.

Oh how grievous hath been this fault.

Killed I did a risen Sun, quelled I did my prey.

These souls of peerage long condemned, who hid for me to play.

Play I did a harbinger sweet, digging an unnamed grave deep.


Lost souls found me lost, huddled they did in my baffled thoughts.

Common interest & common pain, dwell they did in my limitless plane.

Pinched & peaked, soured they did as my heart creaked.

Shaken till my wrath brewed & stifled me till I grew blue.


They killed to breed thoughts so lethal, Thee shook with fear on this ominous birth.

Ruckus did fall on Thy wretched feet! Thy wretched freaks!

Thee hath condoned me to devils doom; but didn’t you just see?

I won my reign! in the form of a legacy.


The blackman tall, thumbs me low & swiftly strikes a devious blow.

I end my peerage of dreamers bright & with one last breath I say,

“I am a martyr right.”

26 years old…. #WOW: Shhh! Don’t Tell Anyone #blogadda #writebravely #writetribe

What age you decide to get married at is no one’s business!!!


The day I turned 26, All of sudden I became the hot topic of discussion among my neighbors, relatives, and few family friends too.

“I heard you are going back to the USA? Well, you should stay back here and get married. This will make your parents happier rather than you going abroad alone.” said one of the old auntie from the neighbor.

“See, your mom’s sugar level is so high because of, you not getting married.” Another Auntie scolded me.

“Because of you Uncle and Auntie are not keeping well with their health. You should stay back in India. Whats with the career?” my cousin tried to explain me my parents’ health condition.

“It’s high time now, you should get married and for God’s sake don’t throw any tantrums about guys’ qualities. You are a girl that too in your late twenties and above all foreign return, you need…

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